It's Time to Get Some CRAZY Courage!

Do you have "insane courage"? Bold enough to crazily go after what your really want in life?

I am a doctor of personal strengths and teach people how to know where they fit and flow in their unique gifts and strengths; however, so many people do not have direction in their lives.

Frustration, indecision, and regret plague them. 


I recently talked with several individuals that seemed to be waiting, wandering, or wondering in life.

Waiting…for something to happen.

Wandering…around in their lives, not living intentionally and on-purpose.

Wondering…if they will ever discover their true calling and start doing their dreams!

Have you ever felt like that? Does that resound a bit with you now?

Sometimes, we simply need crazy courage to make a decision-that one decision that creates a ripple effect of exponential outcomes in multiple dimensions in our life.

You need the courage of Benjamin Mee!

Matt Damon starred as Ben Mee in the movie, “We Bought a...

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How to Get the MOST Out of Yourself and Your Team! (Part 2 of 2)

How to get the MOST out of yourself and your team (Part 2 of 2)

Last week I began a subject that I will complete today: How to get the MOST out of yourself and your team. This is part 2 of 2. So, if you didn’t read the email on part 1 I sent last week, open it first or read my blog last week on our website at

You CAN know your strengths, and grow your strengths, whether as a team, business, volunteer service, or individually.

REMEMBER-To be your BEST, you must assess!

This analysis comes in several forms-evaluation, feedback, assessments, introspection, reflection, accountability, and several other identifiers.

No matter the methods, or possibly multiple approaches for that fact, challenge your team in discussion and dialogue moving forward in professional development.

NOTE TO LEADERS AND MANAGERS: Measure what matters.

 Review from previous week:

The SWOT Analysis

(I have attached a LINK HERE to see the expanded version about how to...

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How to Use a SWOT Analysis to Evaluate Your Teams’ Strengths

Have you ever walked into a business and everyone seemed to be doing his or her own thing? No one appeared to care much about you as a customer but was off in la-la land, concerned only with what they had to accomplish.

Worse yet, it seemed like the whole company functioned that way! Yeah, it’s crazy I know, but it happens in many businesses.

Where were the owners or managers to correct this behavior?

Who knows, maybe so buried in work in their offices that they couldn’t take time to see what was really going on.

SIDE NOTE TO LEADERS AND MANAGERS: People don’t always do what’s expected, but what’s inspected.

Later, I will spend more time dealing with what good customer service truly is, as I used to be a senior manager and corporate trainer of customer service professionals, but I will move on for now; however, great service seems to be rare in some sectors in the marketplace today.

Agree or disagree?

Questions leaders should pose to themselves and...

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5 Mental Exercises that Give YOU the Winning Edge!

Everyone likes to win, but why do so few believe that they are really winning in life? Could it be that sometimes we see our flaws and foibles so prominently, when we need to see the incredible strengths that we possess? 

Another reason I find consulting individuals is the "Mental Money Obstacle". Potential rising star leaders don't tap their own creative ideas or know how to uncover them and  bring them to full commercial value.

Money is not your biggest problem; creative ideas and uncommon strategies are your problem.  

You need to discover innovative ways to address your situation. Read success stories of those online who have launched new company startups, begun community or global initiatives, or designed breakthrough inventions. It’s called being resourceful. Thinking WAY BEYOND the box, not just outside it.

Paradigm shifts begin with mindset shifts!

It may be approaches such as asking confidently for help from a higher-level leader, breaking down your...

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7 Days to Turn YOUR Personal Gifts and Hobbies into Moneymaking Ideas!

Yes, I said it right! 7 days to turn your personal gifts (what you like to do) and hobbies (what you already do) into moneymaking ideas! You may not realize it, but you have the potential to turn some of your dreams into dollars$$$!

You might say, “Well, you don’t understand! I don’t do much of anything and just tinker with a few things”. That may be your ticket right there! You just need a coach to walk you through-YOUR Personal Gifts & Talents Inventory.


  1. Make a list of EVERY gift, skill & hobby you have or do

What are your skills, hobbies, talents, likes, loves, and odds & ends jobs you enjoy doing? Let’s take a quick assessment:

What do you like to collect?

What are 1 or 2 hobbies you enjoy doing?

What is a skill you can provide or weekend project you build or fix?

List everything! Take 10 minutes to do this NOW. Don’t delay or you will be kicking yourself and asking why you didn’t do it 1 year from this...

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