Your Unique Story, Skill Set, & Style!

Hello Friends and Strengths Advocates,

Have you ever thought…

I wonder if my personal story matters to anyone? Could it help others?

You have one, and someone out there is waiting to hear it! At times, we feel it pales in comparison to others' profound stories, but no matter what you have come through, it can help someone else out there.

“But it’s not one of those really horrific rip-your-heart-out transformational stories that only happen to other people!”

REMEMBER-Someone is always going through what you just went through, or what you’re going through.

What's you story?

Where did you come from and how did you get to where you are?

The 3 S’s” of YOUR Story:

You have your…

1.Unique story-Your Super-You Power

This is your unique life story. You should have both short and mid-length version of it to tell, depending on your time and setting.

Create a 2-minute and a 10-minute version.

Be ready to share it. Mine intro is…I should be in jail, prison, or dead! Let me take a moment and explain what I mean…then I tell it.

Insert your power-packed intro to your story HERE: __________________________________________________

  1. Unique skill set-Your Super-You Potential

These include areas such as your training, experiences, education, likes, capabilities, etc.

What are you personal strengths? Can you list your top 5?

What combination of skills do you have that are clusters and work together? Soft skills trainer, communicator, and relational team leader. Analytical thinker, programmer, and statistics instructor. Musician, composer, and poet.

What are some of yours where the dots connect?

  1. Unique style-Your Super-You Personality

Now, what makes you…you? Your smile, your intelligence, your beauty, your storytelling ability, or your positivity? How about some other unique quality or style you possess?

Ask someone and get feedback.

What makes you stand out?

Your personality and temperament are your innate, internal designs driving your thinking, behavior, and communication. What is your personality type? Your temperament?

If you don’t know them, start taking online assessments.

Or, read my Amazon #1 bestselling book, Discover Your Personal Strengths NOW! if you have it, if not, get it on our website at

Next week, we’ll take a look at your temperament and why you act the way you do!

Prescribing Your Success,

Dr. John

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