The 5 Essentials of Leadership Development

“You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” — Les Brown

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How do you engage professional development? Do you have a leadership development plan? On your job? With a professional course or business book? Do you have an onsite coach or leader helping you?

Question:  What is THE best way to grow professionally?

Well, it begins with a foundation of at least these 5 essentials! What are they?

Well, I will share those with you momentarily!

First, though...

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Now, back to our micro leader development session. (You have my permission to use these in small groups or team training sessions as well.)

Here are 5 essential leadership development takeaways and growth concepts to consider:

  1. Leadership development means first starting with personal responsibility:

Be intentional. Period. Take charge of your day.

Success is found in what you do daily– What are you doing daily? Review your routine/system.

You are becoming permanently what you practice DAILY.

However, you cannot give what you don’t have.

You should review and reflect at the most quarterly your activities: What does or does not work, what did or did you not learn?

“Reflection turns experience into Insight.” – John C. Maxwell

The ACT System: A-Apply, C- Change, T- Teach (this locks it all in)

Identify an environment conducive for your growth – an acorn planted in the right environment will grow to become a mighty oak tree. Get plugged into mentoring; find one, be one.      

  1. Leadership development means making significance, rather than just success, a priority.

Ask yourself daily WHO can I add value to today? How can I do it?

We teach what we know, and we reproduce who we are.

Success is living for self-attainment; significance is living for a purpose, namely living for others.

We are human beings, not just human doings.

Discover and develop what you were designed to become, then success will follow.

  1. Leadership development means utilizing the power of the team around you.

Be a leader with values, vision, and vigor. At home and at work.

Know and grow your team members' strengths. Strengths-based approaches are cutting edge for optimal productivity and profitability.

Collaborate with like-minded people who compliment…your weaknesses.

A true leader never gets to the top by himself/herself; if they do, they are not a leader they’re a hiker. 

  1. Leadership development means partnering together with others who add value to you and you to them. They give you something that you do not have.

Zig Ziglar, the iconic motivational speaker and trainer, once said that most of his thank you’s came from others based on the resources he gave out rather than the speeches he delivered. What resources are you sharing with others?

He also was noted as saying, "If you help enough people get what they want out of life, you'll eventually get what YOU want out of life."

Be a river, not a reservoir.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. 

  1. Leadership development means perpetually practicing "The Legacy Principle":

The Legacy Principle means you are constantly on the lookout for developing others and building something that will outlast you. Are you intentionally designing that now?

What’s your “Legacy Statement”? Know what you want said about you at your funeral. A bit morbid, but spot on. People will summarize your life in one sentence; either you pick it now, or they will pick it for you later.

Under Jack Welch there were 37 CEO’s. 

The renowned psychologist, Eric Erikson, stated in his 8 stages of development, that in your middle years you seek Generativity versus Stagnation.

Why wait till then? Build it now.

Leadership development begins with the right foundation; IN you, versus just for you.

Prescribing YOUR (real) Success,

Dr. John

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