How to Overcome YOUR BIGGEST Hindrance to Your Breakthrough Right Now

Overcoming YOUR BIGGEST Hindrance to Your Breakthrough Right Now 


What is this BIGGEST hindrance to your breakthrough, you might ask? 

Well, I will let you in on a HUGE secret in just a moment that VERY few people realize.

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Now back to some KEY insights...

Most people won’t do these things and YOU can capitalize on them for a huge breakthrough.

What is it?

  1. Make a list of the top 10 things you want to achieve
  2. Put them in order of importance
  3. BEGIN right now on a small step towards #1  

Research studies have indicate that...MOST people do NOT know what they want, can't articulate it, and definitely don't write it done.

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By the way...for those of you still seeking purpose in your life...wanting to know your calling...and desiring a group of followers to invest it... 

BIG TIP:  Quit WASTING your time on people that do not care about your message. Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated!

You deserve more!

You have a message to be heard!

You have a tribe OUT THERE waiting to connect with you!

NOW, what is the BIGGEST hindrance to most people’s BIG BREAKTHROUGH IN THEIR LIVES?


Are you ready?


Do you REALLY want the answer?


Here it is: FAILURE TO TAKE ACTION with their first step RIGHT NOW!

 I have talked with sooooooo many people that WANT to do BIG things in life, want to achieve BIG things, and want to have BIG things, but they DO NOT TAKE A SMALL FIRST STEP NOW.

They look longingly, at other achievers, wish for, hope for, and even daydream about a successful life, but refuse to TAKE ACTION NOW.

 We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the FIRST walk on the moon on July 20, 2019 (Of course, if you’re not a conspiracy theorist and think it was all a hoax…don’t get me started here! You know, the UFO Hanger 51, Roswell, New Mexico mindset. LOL)

Ok. Back on track now. Just breathe.

 One SMALL STEP FOR MAN, one giant leap for mankind! –Neil Armstrong

What will be your “one small step” move right now?

I guarantee it will reverberate into a giant leap forward in your life! 

Now, some practicum…or personal practice! What will your small steps of faith be in the next 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, and 30 days?

 TAKE ACTION NOW! List here your 1st “one small step” within the first 7 days:


List here your 2nd“ small step”within the next 14 days:


List here your 3rd “small step” within the next 21 days:


List here your 4th “ small step” within the next 30 days:


Also, here's your new positive affirmation or self-talk that will propel you forward:

“I have been reluctant in the past, but not any more. I am bold and courageous! I am fearless and fear of failure will not have charge over my life. I am moving forward in leaps and bounds and from this time forward, I am confident and full of joy and hope. Great things are in store for me. Favor and acceptance precedes me! Opportunity is constantly knocking on my door and great things are happening to me, and through me today! “

Prescribing Your Strengths Success,

Dr. John
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