How to Obtain Your Dream Mentor to Skyrocket Your Success!

How to Obtain Your Dream Mentor to Skyrocket Your Success!

Have you ever wondered, "If I could have __________ as my mentor, I would be the best ______________ ever!" 

Well, it's easier than you might think. You have not, because you ask not, right? For most, this is the case...


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BACK TO OUR MIRCO-TEACHING ON Obtaining Your Dream Mentor....

Everyone is different in their goals and pursuits. You may want a sports coach, or a designer to be yours. I may want a mentor in business or academia. Nevertheless, you need the best to be your best.

I have personally done this and had the opportunity to connect with world changers in a few major fields. This will work for you too!

Here's a strategic plan for you:

BEFORE you approach them:

  1. Decide what you want out of the mentorship
  2. What type of meeting/approach will it be?
  3. Write down a plan BEFORE approaching them

There should be 3 parts to your plan-Admiration, Request, & Close

-Practice what you’ll say first...

DURING your meeting with your prospective mentor:

  1. Begin with appreciation, admiration, and thanks for their work/expertise
  2. Present your request; what can you offer each other? Make it win/win. 
  3. Make it a short trial period to start, if necessary
  4. Close with a specific time to get back with each other

AFTER your meeting:

  1. Send them a Thank You note. Make it as personal as possible!
  2. Keep your promise to get back to them
  3. Expect that they will respond positively!

That's it! Now, take action and go get YOUR dream mentor or coach to take you to new heights!

Prescribing Your Success,

Dr. John

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