Regaining Your Motivation and Momentum: How to Get YOUR Mojo Back!

“Many times momentum is the only difference between winning and losing. With it, everyone is expectant and energized, and people tend to perform at their peak potential. Without it, people lose heart and have difficulty finding motivation.” – John C. Maxwell

Have you ever felt that you lost your motivation and your momentum?

 TRUTH:  Sometimes I have.

It felt as if I took a punch in the passion gut, and was bent over. While I was on the path to one of my life’s biggest goals-my doctorate-life's challenges, like a ton of bricks, unloaded on me. Now, let me put this in perspective for you.

 I’m just like you. I came from small beginnings, have big hopes and dreams, and want to help as many people as I can along life’s way. But I lost my MOJO, my motivation, and I just wanted to come home and escape. Watch a move,have a drink, and just make world go away. 

Sound familiar?

Insider’s TIP: Sometimes you need a little self-care to be your best in order to really help others.

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CONTINUING MY STORY…I was giving out and expecting everything to just take care of itself.


YOU have to be a “good steward” (manager) over ALL the major areas of your life.

 This includes your health…

Your finances…

Your relationships…

YOUR education, etc. and ALL YOUR other life dimensions.

 May the rest of your life be the best of your life! –Art Linkletter, American Radio & Television Personality 

So, how can you get back your momentum (A/K/A-Your MOJO!)  to do this when you feel the brakes are on your life? What does it take to get back on track with your goals and dreams?

Well, are you really, really, REALLY ready to answer those questions? Then, ask and answer these questions to yourself openly and honestly:

1.Do I have a REAL problem holding me back, or is it just a mind job? Are you depressed, feeling down, or just stuck?

READ my brief recipe on our website at about getting unstuck.

If it's not in your head, it’s in your hand.

What's in you hand at this very moment? Nothing, you may think, but so much more than you may imagine. Many people say the usual line that they “need the money first” before they move forward. Well, then it's time to...


Most people can start a small business just by having a sale with all the STUFF around their house or in their garage. (or, God forbid…a storage unit like I have!)

Get rid of the excess. Become more of a minimalist. Use well, and take care of what you have, but by all means, get rid of the things you haven’t touched in a year!

(Do I sound like I’m on a soapbox here?!)

-Have a sale

-Take the cash

-Put it into a bank account

-And start your small business!

 What if it's something else? Take an inventory of your blessings and what you do have versus what you don't. Start saying it, writing it, praying it, and perspective begins. What is in your hand to begin again? Make a move today. Right now. Go!

2.Who can I invite into my life to talk to and be a sounding board?

This can be a friend, counselor, pastor, teacher, or someone you trust. Take them out for coffee or lunch. Get people involved again in your life. Quit hiding out. Come on out of the shadows in your little hideout.

Choose those who believe in you and will give you constructive feedback. Set an appointment with them. Call the right now! 

3.What can I do at this very moment that will put me in the game?


I remember running my FIRST Boston Marathon (I've been in 3 BM’s, along with other marathons and half-marathons)

Truthfully, it was paying the money, telling others, being accountable, and setting that inevitable start date that kept me focused.

Find a point of commitment and sacrifice that will jumpstart your MOJO and propel you back into your game!

Prescribing YOUR Success,

Dr. John


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