How to Find Your Catalyst to Catapult You to Stardom

One seemingly, by-chance, catalytic event may change your destiny RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes, the connection seems so ordinary and mundane that it’s hard to believe…but BAM! A catalyst has just thrust you in a new job, a new career or a personal transformation that is nothing less than miraculous!


A young man taught himself carpentry skills to make ends meet while pursuing an acting career. He was frustrated that things were not going his way he thought, but he landed a gig in small-time film. It was a start and he was just a background actor to boot!

He had to keep doing his carpentry side job because acting career wasn’t supporting him like he had hoped. Years later, the same director “accidentally” bumped into the now 35-year old while do woodwork at a studio. He remembered how the young man had been in a small role in his previous movie and asked him to audition for his new show he expected to do well. He did…and the rest was history.

The role was Hans Solo and the actor, Harrison Ford!

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What will be your catalyst, launching pad, accidental bump into destiny? You are not done yet! You are designed for great things and you just need that divine tap on the shoulder and a platform for your gifts and personal strengths to grow and thrive.

BUT, can you create your own catalyst? Can you manipulate the variables, as we say in research, to produce your outcome? Yes, you can!

Everyone wants their piece of the pie, right? I like to use the word pie as an acronym as I help guide others in their own journeys:

How do YOU get your piece of the P.I.E.?


Look in your field for a platform to speak from to connect with others about your topic, your story, or your gifts. It may be teaching a class at a library, church, or community college. How about a creating a demo, a video, or doing a radio show or podcast? Where can you start broadcasting your message?


Who are the influencers in your discipline, profession, or specialization? List out 5 key leaders who, if you could get connected with, could catapult you to a new level in your life and career. Now, call them, email them, and give them your 2-minute “elevator speech” about your dream. You have not, because you ask not.


Where can you expose yourself? Of course, I mean it! Can you go to a meeting where a Congress member is and talk with them personally? Will you go to a conference where you can connect with industry leaders? Will you ask for a meeting, a lunch date, or an opportunity to showcase your skills? How about creating a prototype of your invention and submitting it to a company that can do something with it?

What’s Your Catalytic Connector?

Whether you are trying to become a public speaker, author, coach, or business owner… there is SOME achievement out there which would — if you accomplished it — initiate an outpouring of opportunity and further successes.

So what is that “catalytic connector” for you? Maybe it’s gaining your own celebrity client… or partnering with an influencer in your space… or getting a job at a certain company… or speaking at a certain event which is considered to be the pinnacle of your space. Whatever it is...

… find that achievement.

And then, every week, knock on that gate.

Make a phone call.

Send an email, or a handwritten note.

And keep on doing it — even if it means you’re doing it for months, or even years — until that door is opened to you. Focused persistence is a mighty force.

And it will — if you turn it into a daily or weekly habit — unlock astonishing levels of success in your life.

Alright, now go connect with your catalyst and get your piece of the P.I.E.!

Prescribing Your Success,

Dr. John

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