EndGame: Your Personal Strengths, Story, and Strategy Are YOUR Keys to Superhero-Sized Success!

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Now, I must confess something personal about myself to you…

I am a super-hero junkie! I have been an avid fan of DC Comics for years (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) and of recent times, the Marvel franchise. 

After just seeing The Avengers: Endgame, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY! Loved it!

 I’m hooked!

Okay, let me calm down a bit…just breathe, John. Before it leaves the theaters, I will probably watch it 2-3 more times with family and friends.

Now, I won’t be a spoiler; however, the word, “Endgame” has been rolling over and over in my mind.

Now, the definition of the word relates to strategic games, such as Chess or Risk, where there are few pieces left, and the players have a “hidden” plan or strategy to pull out, defeat their opponent, and win the game.

In business, it may be considered a plan (or bulletproof backup plan) to achieve success. 

The Avengers were tested to see if they had their own endgame. You’ll have to check out the movie and see how it worked for them. But the question begs to be asked of you and me… 

What’s your endgame?

As former teacher, I used a backwards design pedagogy to facilitate learning. I started with the result I wanted to achieve, and then worked backwards with my students, providing the support to reach the final outcome or conclusion.

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey said in Habit #2: Begin With the End in Mind. See the outcome your want, and walk it back, step-by-step, to where you are now.

Do you look at your goals, life, or purpose in this manner?

Okay. Here we go!

Time to do a “check up from the neck up”.

What are YOUR personal strengths, story, and strategy?

Do you have: 

____a relatable life story?

____a solid plan and strategy?


____mentors and coaches?

____support of others?

____persistence and grit?

____any other requirements?

Again, what’s your endgame?

A wing and a prayer? A "measly" back up plan? Or an Avengers-sized, all-in, do-or-die, charge-hell-with-a-water-pistol attitude?

Sadly, many wing it. Sometimes that may work for a while, but for fulfilling your life’s purpose, a bit more intentionality is needed.

Here are a few thoughts about setting yourself to put up a BIG personal win in your endgame category:

Endgame Strategy #1: E-Engage your personal strengths daily. Grow you gifts.

Endgame Strategy #2: N-Never hold on to the past too tightly. Forgive and move on.

Endgame Strategy #3: D-Determine to share your goals, dreams, and life with others. Victory alone is really lonely.

Endgame Strategy #4: G-Get coached up by mentors, teachers, professors, parents, or that more knowledgable other as Vygotsky says; essentially everyone you can. Be open to input and feedback.

Endgame Strategy #5: A-Acquire the specialized knowledge and applied wisdom you need. Become an avid reader, listen to audio resources, watch videos, etc.; consume information.

Endgame Strategy #6: M-Motivate yourself and others frequently. A positive attitude, along with a heart full of gratefulness, will propel you forward.

Endgame Strategy #7: E-Evaluate often. Regularly evaluate your situation. Daily, weekly, and monthly. My saying is, “To be your best, you must assess!” 

Take into consideration these strategies, hang them up where you can see them, say them, and apply them daily and your endgame will be your win-game.

Prescribing Your Success,

Dr. John
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