5 Must-Do's to Re-Engineer Your Career for MORE MONEY!

5 Must-Do’s to Re-Engineer Your Career (or start one) for MORE MONEY!

Have you ever felt you wanted a fresh start or a new beginning in life? (A mulligan, for you golfers!)

 “It’s not too late to become who you want to be. I hope that you live a life that you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, I hope you find the strength to start over.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald, writer & author of The Great Gatsby

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

I know exactly how that feels!

In 2007, I started college for the first time…at the age of 44! (I know what you’re doing. You’re counting the years to see how YOUNG I am, aren’t you?! Lol!)

One of my favorite phrases I created is:  In order to be your best, you must assess!


So let’s dive in to A New You 2.0!


Here are 5 Re-Engineer Your Career” must-dos:

Career Key #1-Take an "I" exam.

Take an inventory of you. Write down every area or dimension of your life. Note your gifts in each of them. Write out what you would love to do also. Look at your past and what made you the happiest. Keep a virtual or actual journal of your reflections and research.

Career Key #2-Go buck(ley) crazy! (I just had to type my name in there!)

…with assessing your gifts and talents…again, if necessary.

Google everything you can about the careers that you’re interested in. Go to my website and get a copy of my FREE Amazon #1 bestseller, Discover Your Personal Strengths NOW! Take the free assessments in it (I have several that will help you immensely!)

Career Key #3-Chat it up!

Talk to as many people as you can over the next 30 days to speak with them about what they see in you. Interview your family, colleagues, friends, and others. Keep the responses in your journal. 

Career Key #4-Get coached up.

Hire a career coach, online or in-person to help you explore your interests. This is what I do. My gift is helping you discover YOURS! If you don’t connect with me, please FIND SOMEONE to coach you...immediately!

Career Key #5-Go back to school...somewhere, somehow, some way.

NEVER stop learning and growing!

Whether that is a formal degree such as a master’s degree, or courses at your local community college for adult education. Take a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course; most are free or at minimal cost), or a free online MOOC course offered online by Coursera, HarvardX, or other online platforms. 

Here are a few MOOC links https://www.coursera.org,https://www.edx.org, or https://www.udemy.com    


Prescribing Your Success!

Dr. John


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What are your gifts and talents (name1-3) in every dimension of your life?


What type of journal (virtual or real) will you keep? How often will you write in it?


What is your plan to re-engineer your career within the next 30 days:


Also, here's your new positive affirmation or self-talk for the day:

"Today, I’m starting my new career exploration. I am going to learn more about myself and my abilities than I ever have before. I will do everything I can to discover, develop, and implement my gifts and strengths so I can be my very best. I am fulfilling my calling, achieving my fullest potential, and living out my biggest dreams, starting right now!”



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