5 Mental Exercises that Give YOU the Winning Edge!

Everyone likes to win, but why do so few believe that they are really winning in life? Could it be that sometimes we see our flaws and foibles so prominently, when we need to see the incredible strengths that we possess? 

Another reason I find consulting individuals is the "Mental Money Obstacle". Potential rising star leaders don't tap their own creative ideas or know how to uncover them and  bring them to full commercial value.

Money is not your biggest problem; creative ideas and uncommon strategies are your problem.  

You need to discover innovative ways to address your situation. Read success stories of those online who have launched new company startups, begun community or global initiatives, or designed breakthrough inventions. It’s called being resourceful. Thinking WAY BEYOND the box, not just outside it.

Paradigm shifts begin with mindset shifts!

It may be approaches such as asking confidently for help from a higher-level leader, breaking down your goals into smaller chunks, using creative financing for that new home or business, or even inventing a prototype and asking for feedback from a few trusted friends. 

What will it take to shift your thinking from a fixed mindset, to a growth mindset? (See Dr. Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset) That, my friends, is the mental leap and transformative thinking that takes place in all winners.

Here are your mental exercises and action steps using the acronym, “START” to unlock your winning edge:

  1. S-Set a BHAG: Big Hairy Audacious Goal! (From Jim Collin’s book, Good to Great)

 Go beyond your normal thinking. Stretch yourself and set tangible timelines on small bite-sized pieces of that goal. Someone once said, “A goal is simply a dream with a deadline on it”. You may ask, “Dr. John, what if I miss a deadline and don’t achieve it?” Reset it quickly to a more realistic timeline, don’t quit, and keep moving forward. By that time anyway, you will have made great progress beyond where you started! 

“If you don’t quit, you win”, a mentor of mine once taught me. Persistence is mental resistance to the life barriers in your way.

  1. T-Train you mind everyday to speak positive strengths-talk! (In psychology this is called self-talk; I call it your strengths-talk!)

Create strengths-talk cards (virtual or physical) and place them on your desktop or on your mirror, or any prominent place where you can read them DAILY. For the next 30 days say them aloud. Such as “I am a positive, motivational leader and I will encourage my team and inspire them to achieve great things today” or “I am a excellent teacher, and I will use my personal strengths of relationship-building and individualization today to recognize the uniqueness and gifts of my students”!

Design your Strengths-Talk cards utilizing your personal strengths and gifts.

  1. A-Acquire a thought leader level of knowledge in your field (The 10K Expert Practice Principle)

Author Malcolm Gladwell noted in his book, Outliers, that it takes roughly 10 thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a specialized field.

How many hours have your devoted to your specific area of expertise that you are seeking to be a thought leader in?

Begin making a plan to spend at least 10+ minutes EVERYDAY adding to your personal knowledge bank in the area you want to become an expert. Build on those 10 minutes after a few weeks adding more time daily and gauge your growth. You will be well ahead of most in your field after just 1 year of this kind of laser-focused attention.

  1. R-Recruit your success-driven support team (A mastermind group)

Successful leaders have successful support teams around them, whether paid or recruited voluntarily. Just one person may not be enough. You may need access to 3 or more professionals in different areas to give you a well-rounded perspective.

Take a moment to write out 3-5 people or organizations that can be your go-to advisors and set an appointment with them to grow your winning edge. This may also include a mastermind meeting weekly or monthly with them using Zoom or Skype for an hour collaborating together, sharing ideas, and receiving constructive and invaluable feedback.

  1. T-Take on The Coaching Challenge! (The “get a coach, be a coach” strategy)

This is the highest level of learning. You can hear, see, and even write out a lecture but retention is limited. However, when you take what you’ve learned and TEACH IT TO OTHERS, it will spike your retention rate to almost 100 percent! Take what you have learned, or are learning, and immediately find someone to coach in that area and teach that concept to them.

Do these action steps within the next 24-48 hours and you will be on the way to your winning edge!

Prescribing Your Success!

Dr. John 

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