3 Expert Essentials in 2019 to Have Your Best Year Ever!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" –President Theodore Roosevelt 

*By the way, I will continue the 4-part series starting next week about how to have a paradigm shift in your life. (Picking up on Part 3 then) I wanted to write this 2019 New Year blog in between.

Beginning a New Year brings delight to some, but to others, it's just another date on the calendar. One person might love the idea of a fresh start, while another dreads it.

What does it mean to you?

 Someone once said, "Life is what you make of it". How do you and I view it? I love sunrises. It's a matter of fact, I am in Florida right now and took pictures and videos of the sunrise on the beach on the East Coast side. Seeing the bright new day symbolizes new beginnings, fresh starts, new days, etc. It's a life mulligan if you will.

 Now, I'm writing this blog post with a few major things in mind:

 First, I need a fresh start because we JUST experienced a tragedy. Our motorhome CAUGHT FIRE AND WAS TOTALED! We are recovering from the challenge, and thank God, my wife and I were not harmed. We retrieved some of our things, albeit smoke riddled and covered with soot, but some were saved. So, you see, I need THIS New Year of 2019 to be a fresh start.

 Second, I never want too much time to go by that I do not reassess my goals and reevaluate my progress. Many individuals (and companies for that fact,) do not write down their goals and know where they are in their lives. I definitely do not want years to pass to discover that I am off track or coasting through this gift that has been given me called my life and purpose.

 I want to propose that you and I have a new found impetus to press forward despite the challenges and setbacks in life and that we never let too much time pass before we look introspectively inside ourselves to evaluate where we are and where we're going.

 Here are 3 Expert Essentials that we should have in place this year to move positively from struggle to strategy, trial to triumph, and devastation to transformation.

 You'll need:

1. A Model-

A model is a goal, an objective, a dream, a cure, etc. to move into a New Year with purpose. What do you want out of 2019? It might be to get through a challenge or difficulty on top and healthy, or it may be to reach a lofty goal or objective that you want to achieve.

What is your model for success in 2019?

 2. A Mode-

Now, with that model in mind, what is your mode of operation to accomplish it? What's your "mode of transportation" to get you there? This is your personal, power-packed modus operandi or mode of operation. What is your plan step-by-step, day-by-day to acquire it in bite-sized pieces? As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Take a few minutes to write down at least 2-3 goals, or models, and the detailed plan you will implement in small increments to achieve them. (Begin writing now, seriously)

3. A Mentor-

Lastly, who will be your trusted advisor? Kings, queens, presidents, and prime ministers have them, why not you and me? Do you have a teacher, coach, trainer or guide that will encourage and instruct you to achieve something you may have never achieved before? You'll need one or more, just like all the great ones you admire. Don't go well into 2019 without a strategy coach to help you be your very best and accomplish your biggest goals.

Write down your model, implement a mode, and acquire a mentor quickly and you will make progress as never before! Here's to a productively blessed New Year and NEW YOU!


Dr. John


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