It's Time to Get Some CRAZY Courage!

Do you have "insane courage"? Bold enough to crazily go after what your really want in life?

I am a doctor of personal strengths and teach people how to know where they fit and flow in their unique gifts and strengths; however, so many people do not have direction in their lives.

Frustration, indecision, and regret plague them. 


I recently talked with several individuals that seemed to be waiting, wandering, or wondering in life.

Waiting…for something to happen.

Wandering…around in their lives, not living intentionally and on-purpose.

Wondering…if they will ever discover their true calling and start doing their dreams!

Have you ever felt like that? Does that resound a bit with you now?

Sometimes, we simply need crazy courage to make a decision-that one decision that creates a ripple effect of exponential outcomes in multiple dimensions in our life.

You need the courage of Benjamin Mee!

Matt Damon starred as Ben Mee in the movie, “We Bought a Zoo”. Based on a true story, Damon played the part of the widower Mee, who with his 3 young kids, buys a home with a catch…it comes with a zoo!

After the purchase the work begins. Benjamin almost loses everything, but by the end of the movie, saves the zoo, his staffs’ jobs, and his family. He tells his son who has a teen relationship issue connecting with his dream girl (this was also how Benjamin met his wife in a restaurant):

“Sometimes, all you need is 20-seconds of insane courage, just literally 20-seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you, something great will come of it”.

What will your 20-seconds of insane courage be? Will it be a conversation, a thank you card, or a call far beyond what you would ever image doing?

Don’t think, just do it!

React fast though, before you mind explains it away. Chances are high that something great will come of it.

3 steps you can take to get “insane courage” to make the new level leap:

  1. Decide WHERE you will apply crazy courage-Name the person, place, and time where this act will take place
  2. Determine you will NOT be talked out of it!-Do it as quickly as possible! Don't let others or you head talk you out of it.
  3. Deliver on your promise! Do it and chances are something great will come of it!

Remember, THOSE 20 seconds can transform your life, dreams, and future. Now, go do it…FAST!

Prescribing Your Success,

Dr. John

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