How to Get the MOST Out of Yourself and Your Team! (Part 2 of 2)

How to get the MOST out of yourself and your team (Part 2 of 2)

Last week I began a subject that I will complete today: How to get the MOST out of yourself and your team. This is part 2 of 2. So, if you didn’t read the email on part 1 I sent last week, open it first or read my blog last week on our website at

You CAN know your strengths, and grow your strengths, whether as a team, business, volunteer service, or individually.

REMEMBER-To be your BEST, you must assess!

This analysis comes in several forms-evaluation, feedback, assessments, introspection, reflection, accountability, and several other identifiers.

No matter the methods, or possibly multiple approaches for that fact, challenge your team in discussion and dialogue moving forward in professional development.

NOTE TO LEADERS AND MANAGERS: Measure what matters.

 Review from previous week:

The SWOT Analysis

(I have attached a LINK HERE to see the expanded version about how to conduct one from a really good recent article!)

The SWOT Analysis is a simple collaborative instrument that many companies engage to uncover the assets and liabilities of their business or organization. It assesses four areas: Strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, and threats. These quadrants are best discussed in team collaboration, but may be idiomatic and introspective as well.

So, let’s now apply those from a strengths-based approach:


What are the strengths of every c-suite executive, staff member, faculty, employee, etc.?


What are those areas in our team/business/organization that we have low impact and challenges due to not having elevated strengths there? Do we need to increase our staff by hiring those needed, implement professional training, etc.?

How do we discover strengths in our team members?

Now, this week:


What are the obstacles that might impede your progress or stand in your way? Identify multiple areas such as external and internal barriers, complications, or hindrances; the things that prohibit or limit your progress, market share, etc.

How will you overcome these?


Are there external or internal threats to you advancement? What issues or circumstances could hurt you, your team, or you organization?

Are those threats physical, virtual, economical, etc.? How will you manage them?

Questions leaders should pose to themselves and their teams:

What are 2-3 obstacles that are barriers to our success as an organization?

Identify internal or external threats that may limit or attack our progress.

On a scale of 1-10 (1=low impact, 10=high impact), where do you place these obstacles and threats against your group and/or company?


Developing your strengths and managing your weaknesses provide the impetus for growing your team; however, leaders and managers should be proactive in measuring and identifying growth or stagnation.

By using the SWOT Analysis, administrators have a tool to qualify and quantify their assets and liabilities organizationally. Utilize this resource for personal reflection also to gauge your own personal and professional development.

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